Parking is only allowed at the three disignated trail heads but there is plenty of parking room. The Blackwell Campground lot is also a staging area for horse riders and has plenty of parking. The Grubb Ridge lot holds 4-5 cars but has overflow on the oppostie side of the rode. The Fire Tower lot will easily hold 6-8 cars.

The trails weave in and out of valleys, corssing some streams and generaly in deciduous forest. Prior to our trip it had rained for 24 hours and the trails and grounds had taken as much water as they were going to hold. Traction was not really a problem but many of the trails looked like small streams. Lake Monroe's depth is regulated by a dam and flash flooding of the streams was not a problems after 36 hours of mild rain.

There are several cemetaries on the trail and Brooks Cabing is a popular attraction. Group size is limited to 10 people.


Charles C. Deam Wilderness

Located just outside of Bloomington, IN and on Lake Monroe Charles C Deam WIlderness is one of the finer backpakcing locations in the Midwest. With over 37 miles of backpacking trails formed by several loops it encompasses nearly 13,000 acres of the Hoosier NF. There are three well marked trailhead that serve as access to the Eastern and central areas of the park. Horses are allowed on many of the trails but the 4.9 mile Sycamore trail is designated hiking only.

There are 15 established sites off of the trail throughout the forest with several other sites bordering the lake that are excessible by hikers and boaters. Being that this is a National Forest camping is allowed anywhere in the park 100 feet from trails and water sources. The trail is generally single track with some slight ups and downs.

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Interactive map coming soon.